Fuego Flamenco Shows Emotional Spark
L.A. Times​

​"To light a fire, several things have to happen.  You strike a match with a pinpointed energy that makes friction into flame, and soon, there can be heat that stops just short of burning you up.  To light a Flamenco concert, the elements are similar, and "Fuego Flamenco" -- now at the Ivar Theatre in Hollywood (presented by the Fountain Theatre) -- has them.​
​Dancer-Artistic Director Roberto Amaral has gathered a small cast of brilliant performers who combine technical gifts with deep inspiration to call forth a bonfire of thoughts and emotions.  The tone is set by Amaral himself, whose well-designed solos spotlight his impressive footwork and elegant style without a trace of Flamenco self-indulgence."









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Forever Flamenco at Ford Amphitheatre
L.A. Times
"Unlike Hollywood, which worships at the altar of youth, Flamenco operates in a reverse ageism universe, revering maturity, as evidenced in
Roberto Amaral.  Exuding authority at 60, the grey-bearded Los Angeles treasure offered balletic turns, whole body quiverings and an astonishing exit whereby he moved backward on the sides of
his feet."
". . . Who needs 21st century technology when we've got the earth and fire of first-class Flamenco?"
New Works By Ballet Espanol​
L.A. Times​

"The Olympic Arts Festival of 1984 gave Los Angeles more than a taste for arts festivals.  It gave us  Ballet Espanol de Los Angeles, an outgrowth and expansion of director Roberto Amaral's earlier company.  In a program of mostly new work Sunday at Japan America Theatre, Ballet Espanol did justice to its material (mostly Flamenco), effectively showcased its guest artists and made a strong presentation of its collective talents."

​".... elegant bearing and forceful movement .... remote and explosive .... the very fusion of feeling and form"