Throughout the years, my artwork has taken on many forms.  According to my mother, I began creating art at two years of age when she placed a crayon in my hand and encouraged me to draw.
      During my elementary and junior high school years I became known as the "class artist," which resulted in having my teachers nurture and mentor my talents.  At my junior high graduation I was presented with the "Outstanding Artist" award.
      Throughout high school I majored in art, at times enrolled in as many as three varied art classes a semester.  There were two teachers, in particular, who took a special interest in me and were responsible for introducing me to a world of art exhibits, galleries and museums.  It was a wonderful three years of growth as a budding artist and it enabled me to begin experimenting in oils, acrylics, collage and various forms of mixed media.
      With my teachers' encouragement, and upon completing a two year junior college art program, I submitted my portfolio to the prestigious Otis Art Institute.  I was thrilled to have been accepted on a scholarship to their four year master program.  That same summer in 1968, iconic Flamenco star
José Greco saw me perform locally as a dancer in Santa Barbara, California.  After the show he invited me to join his legendary dance company and tour the U.S. and Europe the following month.  I notified
Otis Art Institute and they informed me that I had a five year window of opportunity to attend their school.  If I changed my decision within that time frame and decided a dance career did not interest me, I could accept the scholarship to Otis.  I had every intention of doing the first tour with José Greco and then attending Otis the following year, because the art field was what I had worked towards since childhood.  Of course, that never happened, and I can honestly say that I don't regret the choices I have made.  The rest is history, with regard to my professional career and life, in general.  Had I not become a professional Flamenco dancer, I might not have also become a professional singer and songwriter.  Fate had its way with me and the end result is one I would never change.
      Throughout my dance and music years, I've somehow found time now and then to return to my roots and create art at home.  In these more recent years, I've become fascinated with photography and the expansive possibilities of incorporating that into my artistic visions.  These examples of my recent creations, which I aptly call PHOTOART AMARAL, show my love of design, composition and especially vibrant color.  These pieces all began as images of a wide array of subject matter that I photographed.  Afterwards I manipulated them on the computer to become expressionistic abstract statements.  One day soon I hope to be able to have a formal gallery showing of my work, but, with all the music and dance projects that I'm currently involved with, that will have to wait, at least, until 2014.
      The collection of photoart you see here will soon be available for sale as prints on high quality art paper.  Info regarding this will soon be on this site for those interested in purchasing art pieces.
                                                                                                                      Stay Creative!       ~~  Roberto


On May 18, 2014, Sandra Cruze, owner of Ellouise Hair Salon and Gallery in Pasadena, CA, hosted a wonderful reception debuting Roberto's brilliant photoart.  Roberto's friends and supporters attending this event shared in celebrating the launch of his first formal gallery showing.  The reception was followed by an exciting Flamenco dance performance featuring several of Roberto's talented students.

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